The aim of the confidentiality policy

The aim of current Confidentiality Policy is to provide the physical person (the subject of data) information about the goal, volume and protection of the processed personal data of the subject of data (hereinafter – the Client) by SIA ISHA (hereinafter – ISHA).

The Confidentiality Policy in respect of protection of the personal data has been created in line with the requirements lied down in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter – the Regulation).

The Confidentiality Policy provides the information of how ISHA gathers, processes, saves, co-uses, deletes and protects the Client’s personal data and thus provides legality, good faith and transparency when processing the Clients’ personal data. The policy is applied to the Client’s personal data, processing of personal data of every physical person and the services rendered to the Client.

ISHA processes the Client’s personal data in the amount and manner stated and allowed the legal acts of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union.

The aim of personal data processing

ISHA processes the personal data for the purposes as follow:

to provide the translation service;                                                                 

to identify the subject of the data;

to prepare and to make a contract;

to ensure the translation processes;

to deal with and to process the Clients’ complaints, as well as to provide support in connection to the provided services;

to manage the money flow, including administration of the Clients’ payments and debts;

to prepare reports;

to promote the development of the industry, to develop new services and to offer them to the Clients;

to provide the information to the governmental institutions and the subjects of operational work in cases and in an amount that is regulated by the legal acts;

for other specific purposes, on which the data subject is informed at the time when he/she provides the relevant data to ISHA.

The personal data processed by ISHA                                              

the name, surname, personal identification code or the date of birth, the correspondence address, telephone number and the e-mail address;

the bank details;

the data of personal identity documents (the number, date and place of issue, etc.);

the data announced to ISHA by the Client himself/herself.

The administrator’s information

Our name is SIA ISHA, uniform registration number: 40203315588, legal address: Ceriņu Street 31, Jurmala, LV-2015. ISHA is translation and linguistic services company providing translation and other linguistic services to its contractual partners.

The contact information in case of issues related to protection of personal data

If you have any questions in respect of this confidentiality policy and processing of your personal data, please, call us to +371 24001883 or to the e-mail

The legal background of processing the Clients’ personal data

ISHA processes the Clients’ personal data basing on the legal grounds as follow:

the Client, as the subject of personal data, himself/herself has given consent to collect and to process the personal data for particular purposes. The Client’s consent is his/her free will and independent decision that may be taken at any moment and allows ISHA to process the personal data for specific purposes;

the Client’s consent is obligatory for him/her/ISHA if it is made in a written form (by filling in the form at ISHA’s office, by sending an electronic request to identify the Client or by using the site;

to make and to execute the contract – to make the contract basing on the Client’s application and to provide execution of the contract;

in accordance with the Client’s consent;

in legitimate interests – in order to execute the existing obligations between ISHA and the Client or the concluded contract;

in legitimate interests of ISHA, which are based on the provision of quality services and timely support to the Client;

ISHA has the rights to process the personal data in order to execute the requirements set under legal acts, as well as to provide answers to lawful requests of the state and local government;

The Client has the right to revoke its early given consent at any time by sending the request to the e-mail The declared changes shall come into force in three business days. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of processing of data that is based on consent given prior to the withdrawal.

How does ISHA get the personal data?

ISHA gets the Clients’ data when the Clients:

purchase the services from ISHA (at the ISHA’s office or remotely with preliminary identification of the client);

apply to receive news, notifications or other services form ISHA;

require detailed information about the ISHA’s services or address to ISHA in connection with a complaint or request for information, to identify the client;

take part in contests, lotteries or polls;

visit and examine the ISHA’s websites;

if the Client has given consent, ISHA may process the Clients’ personal data received from the third parties (from administrators of the debt history database, etc., for instance).

Categories of recipients of the personal data

ISHA shall not disclose the Clients’ personal data or any other information received at time of providing the services and in period of validity of an agreement, including the information on the received services, except the cases as follow:

the corresponding third party needs the data in order to make an agreement (to a bank to make payments or to provide support services of IT systems, for instance);

in accordance with clear and unambiguous Client’s consent;

to persons provided for by legal acts; after their substantiated request in the manner and scope established by legal acts;

to protect the legitimate interests of ISHA in cases established by legal acts; when applying to a court or other state institutions in connection with a person who has affected these legitimate interests of ISHA, for instance;

Персональные данные передаются третьим странам (то есть странам, находящимся за пределами Европейского союза и Европейской экономической зоны (ЕЭЗ).

ISHA’s personal data are not shared with third countries (i.e. countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). The personal data collected by ISHA are not shared with third countries (i.e. countries outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). The personal data may be sent to third countries or the international organizations by the Administrator and the processor of data, however only in some special cases provided by the Regulation thus considering them.

Duration of storage of personal data

ISHA will process the Clients’ personal data as long as at least one of the following circumstances prevails:

valid agreement between the Client and ISHA;

duration of storage of the personal data is determined and comes out of legal acts of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union;

it is necessary to execute and to protect the legitimate interests of ISHA;

until withdrawal of the Client’s consent to process the personal data.

Sharing of the Clients’ personal data

In order to provide the Clients the services ISHA may use the Clients’ personal data and share them:

to the cooperation partners or institutions which that are involved in provision or use of the services ordered by the Client;

to debt collection companies, credit bureaus, debt history database administrators or other debt collection organizations;

to cessionary – in order to ensure effective management of cash flows, ISHA has the right to assign the right of claim to the debtor or debtors.

ISHA must provide information about the personal data to institutions and services as follow:

the law enforcement agencies, the court or other state and municipal institutions, if this follows from legal acts or the request of information made by relevant institution.

ISHA shall disclose the Clients’ personal data only to the extent necessary and sufficient in accordance with the requirements of legal acts and the objective circumstances of particular situation.

The Clients’ rights

To contact ISHA to obtain a copy of his/her personal data held by ISHA.

To correct all personal data in ISHA’s possession by submitting a request for changes by sending an electronically signed e-mail to, by contacting +371 24001883 or by visiting the ISHA’s office.

The Clients have the right to receive information about those individuals or legal entities who have received information about them from ISHA within a certain period of time. ISHA will not provide the Clients’ with information about the government agencies directing a criminal process, the subjects of operational work or other institutions since the disclosure of such data is prohibited by the law.

To request deletion or restriction processing of those personal data which are no longer necessary for the purposes of which they were collected and processed (“the right to be forgotten”).

To contact ISHA or an institution that supervises processing of personal data (the Data State Inspectorate, on issues related to processing of the personal data.

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