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Text correction and editing

We offer proofreading and editing in 95+ languages, including Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian, Estonian and many more. Word processing is done by a native speaker who is well versed in a particular industry. We perform proofreading and editing of translations ordered from us, as well as already translated and original texts.

Proper use of language gives a convincing impression. Use proofreading and text editing to create a positive professional image and achieve your goals.

We offer proofreading and editing of texts in various fields:

  • marketing;
  • medicine;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • technical texts;
  • fiction and others.

By reviewing the text, we will review and improve:

  • use of punctuation;
  • spelling;
  • typographical errors;
  • style mistakes;
  • font usage sequence;
  • the use of spaces and other nuances of formatting.

When editing text, we will test and improve:

  • the relevance of the translation to the text in the original language and to the target audience;
  • euphonism;
  • style and language culture;
  • use of industry terminology.


We also offer proofreading before the press. Pre-press correction is a check of text before it is sent for printing. This test is performed in a ready-made layout or a file that is ready to print. The concealer checks:

  • whether the font chosen by the layout designer affected the use and appearance of diacritical marks (for example, length, softening);
  • whether the words are correctly divided into syllables;
  • if a sentence and a letter were missing when copying text in the layout;
  • if there are other text errors in the layout.

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