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We offer you to fill in the price quote form to find out the price of translation. * The price offer and the most suitable translation solution will be sent to you within 30 minutes after filling in the form.
* The price offer is calculated free of charge and does not impose an obligation to order the translation from us. Regardless of whether we continue to cooperate with the client, we preserve confidentiality when working with all received documents.
In respect of the price of the translation:

1. You can offer your translation price. We will consider it and, possibly, will be able to offer it to you!
2. You can quote the lowest known price of your translation for us to offer you the lower one!
3. The discount is always considered in case of large volumes!

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Criterions which influence the price of the written translation:

The translation price differs depending on a pair of languages. The price is determined by the demand for the language pair in the market and the availability of translators.

We offer two types of translations:

a) The Basic translation is performed by professional translator and is not proofread, which means, it is not reviewed by the second person (proof-reader), who could correct the possible stylistic and terminological mistakes, and improve the details of the translation. The clients often choose this type to translate the documents intended for internal use or to get an insight about the contents of the text.
b) The Pro translation is made by professional translator and then is proofread by a person, whose native language matches the target language. The proof-reader checks and improves the euphoniousness of the text in a particular language, as well as spelling, language nuances and style, if necessary.
The translation deadline depends on the volume of the text. Additional surcharges may be applied to orders with a lead time of up to 24 hours. The completion term of the translation depends on the volume of the text.

We offer a flexible discount system in case of large orders.

Please, note!
The translation price is calculated basing on the word count in the document.
One standard page usually contains 250 words regardless of the font, the letter size or the use of spaces.
The minimum volume of the order is one page.
We work with 95+ languages ​​and offer the proofreading and editing of texts, as well as prototyping, notarization and certification of the bureau.

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