Notarial and by the bureau

We offer the notarized translation form / to 95+ languages, including the Latvian, Russian, English, Lithuanian and Estonian. The translations are performed by experienced translators dealing with translation of legal texts and documents and then are notarized by a sworn notary.
The notarization is often needed when translating the documents as follow:

  • marriage, birth, death and other certificates;
  • education diplomas (school, university);
  • medical certificates;
  • various powers of attorney and other legal documents.

If you would like to order the notarized translation, make sure you have a fully completed and legally valid document in your possession.

Such a document usually contains:

  • the name / title of the issuer / author of the document;
  • the date of issue of the document;
  • the signature (-s).


It is recommended to make the certification by the bureau if there is no need for the notarized translation; however, the official approval of the correctness of translation is necessary.
Certification by the bureau means that the translator of the document confirms with his / her signature that the translation is correct and corresponds to the original document. This certification, together with the translation, will be attached to the copy or original of the document.

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